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Biography: Westward Road

Westward Road is comprised of the husband (Scott,) wife (Kelli) and son (Garrett) trio formerly known as "The Roberts Family." Some have asked, "Where does the name, Westward Road, come from?" Looking back through the history of God's people, heading westward represented moving toward God's presence and into a brighter future. Adam and Eve were cast out of the Garden of Eden to the east. So, in order to return to God's presence, they would have had to turn westward. As God's people wondered in the desert before entering the promised land, they set up the tabernacle wherever they camped. It always faced east, which meant that in order to enter the holy of holies, God's presence, they would have entered in a westward direction. Though they wondered the desert in all directions, when the Israelites finally crossed the Jordan to enter the promised land, they did so in a westward direction. So, we are Westward Road because our heart's desire is to be ever pressing toward the presence of God and into His bright future for us.

Scott is a proud husband and dad first. He graduated from Anderson University and has served as worship pastor for near 20 years, in North Carolina and Indiana. In that time, he has lead worship for local congregations as well as for thousands at large gatherings of believers. His heart beats for bringing hope to those who don't know Christ and the love and peace that He offers. Leading people into the very presence of God is where Scott excels. Kelli, his devoted wife and mother of four, is blessed by God with a beautiful and soaring voice that communicates God's message straight to the heart of the listener. Theirs is a marriage of songwriting ability that compliments the amazing talent of their artistry. Garrett, the oldest child, completes the trio with his excellent knack for part singing. The rest of the family, Carson, Payton, and Kade, joins the trio in a few songs and sound engineering in their concerts. Westward Road's sound is a mix of a modern country feel with the gospel message of God's saving grace through His faithful and loving Son, Jesus. There is nothing like the blend and sound of family harmony and Westward Road is at the top of their game.

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